The Blockchain Opportunity

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Publication dates:25 March 2019

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The Blockchain Opportunity report reviews the problems that blockchain technology is purported to solve from a business perspective, and exploring its application in the print industry. The report reviews this technology in the context of innovative, real-world breakthroughs and current print industry pain points. Supported by primary input from industry insiders, five major areas of blockchain application in printing are investigated, including IoT printer security, content management and storage, and 3D printing. However, because several applications are currently in the concept and testing stages, our exposition of the opportunities is balanced by an analysis of the challenges and barriers that exist to broader adoption, such as issues of scalability, overhead costs, and poor levels of understanding.

Over the past two years, blockchain has been hailed as the technology that holds the keys to revolutionising supply chain efficiencies, reducing operational costs, and increasing cybersecurity across multiple industries. Now, industry leaders are taking a more critical view of the technology and evaluating its utility with respect to particular industry scenarios. This report examines the opportunities that exist within this technology.

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